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The company provides the following services: we arrive at client, measure the space, provide values ​​for future furniture, listen to the client's desires and wishes, we are not afraid to offer your opinions, decisions, advise and assist the customer as choice. All of our projects from initial computer generated three-dimensional space. Customers have the opportunity to evaluate the purchase of furniture look, change their colors, the layout of components before the start of the production process.

In particular, their clients at affordable prices we offer various home appliances, kitchen furniture collection is immediately installed on the client's home. This allows a client from a single source, saving your precious time to buy almost all the cooking equipment - from furniture to appliances.

Kitchen furniture used in the production of one of the most advanced Blum (Austria), as well as the FGV (Italy), furniture fittings, stone table tops "Baltic Marble (Lithuania), Pfleiderer (Poland) and flat tops tes, table plates "THERMOPAL GmbH (Germany).

Various panels used in furniture / tops, Egger, KAINDL (Austria), plate KRONOSPAN (Czech Republic). Curved parts of the production of painted MDF, also use the shell-covered MDF panels.

Customer preferences sell and use in the manufacture of furniture OMEXCO coatings which are suitable not only for moving systems of decoration, but can also be used as wall hangings.

In the short term is scheduled to start production of solid wood furniture. These details will be made furniture to our partners in Italy and surinkinėjami they are our masters, Lithuania.

Upon request we provide furniture transportation, delivery, assembly services, all goods sold on credit. Our clients have access to farm, SNORO bank leasing.

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